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Computing Modules

Computing Modules are abstraction of logical modules or resources an application needs in order to function properly. Examples of computing modules include:
  • A main window
  • A database connection
  • A logging mechanism
  • etc.

Each computing module may be independently started or stopped. A module may depend on other modules, called parents in order to work. When starting a module, all its parents will be started also, if necessary. Similarly, stopping a module will automatically stop all its children.

For example, the application has a persistence mechanism PM and a database connection DC. The PM module needs the DC module, so DC is a parent of PM. Trying to start DC will automatically start PM. Trying to close PM will automatically close DC.


Computing modules have the same lifetime as the whole application. Once a Computing module has been created, it cannot be destroyed. This limits the usefulness of computing modules for transient resources such as a temporary file.

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